Our Mascot Junior

Welcome to Aardman Jr Wiki

Aardman Jr Wiki is a great website where you can learn all about our company and our films. Have fun!

Aardman Jr was created on July 24th 2009. The concept was produced in a forum on the Wallace and Gromit website, and after a week of disscussion it was decided that Aardman Jr would be a small company that allowed the younger generation of animators to create and share their videos with each other.

After a few weeks, the company had their own website, youtube account, bebo page and email address, and yet the company was still expanding. There are currently 23 members of the company including Connor Clowes, Lawrence Vincent and Jamie Gomersall.

A mascot for the business was designed and created by Jamie Gomersall. He is a red teenage creature with a cap with the word 'JR'. This adds to the company's childlike manner.

The members of the company have an open-door policy; Any animator who wants to join, can do.

Currently the company is working on an animation collaboration where they will be working on a large project which will involve every member of the company.

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